Intro to Soldering

This course will teach you the basics of through-hole soldering by instructing you on how to solder your very own line-following robot -- no prior experience is expected or required. The instructor will review basic electronics components and through a series of demonstrations and hands-on practice, you will learn to populate a printed circuit board (PCB) with components and solder those components in place to build a working robot.

This basic soldering course will cover:

  • The tools used for soldering
  • Principles of hand soldering
  • Safe soldering practices
  • An introduction to electronics components and PCBs
  • Hands-on soldering instruction.

Materials provided:

  • Each person will be provided a soldering kit which includes all tools and equipment necessary to use during this class (kit rental fee is included in the price of this course)
  • You will also receive a line-following robot kit with PCB, motors, wheels, and electronics components to assemble (yours to keep at the end of class to showcase your newly acquired skills)

Minors are welcome to take the course, but must be at least 12 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian. No additional ticket needed.

Guests are asked to be on time for events.

MakerSpace Charlotte is located in the brick side door, up the ramp. Ring the doorbell for entry.

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