What is MakerSpace Charlotte all about?

Looking to explore your creativity and bring your ideas to life? For just $50 a month,
you and your family enjoy 24/7 access to our 21,000sf facility along with discounts on classes. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.


Looking for a Workspace? We've got studio spots available! Join us at our Open House every Wednesday evening at 7pm to check out our facilities which includes Pottery, Woodworking, Laser, Welding, Cosplay & Sewing, 3D Printing, and more.

3d Printing

MakerSpace has fourteen 3d printers for you to prototype or just have fun with!Resin and FDM are available.

Bike Shop

All the tools you need to complete that next large or small bike project.

Blacksmith Shop

We have an area dedicated to swinging that hammer! Large anvil and forge.

Pottery Classes

Get your hands dirty!

Photography Classes!

Coming soon!

Laser Classes!

Check the classes page.

MakerSpace Charlotte is a non-profit organization for Makers of all ages. Donations assist us in covering supplies and equipment made available to members and guests of the space. Learn more about how you can support the space >>

More About Us
printLab at Maker space

Come tour our 3d Printing Lab!
Print to your hearts content in our revamped lab.

We have fourteen 3d printers. Among those are two resin and twelve FDM. We even have a Creality CR-30 belt printer that can print any length you need sometimes called the infinite Z printmill.

SawStop Table Saw

The Woodworking shop has Sawstop table saws.

Come in and check out our setup in the Woodworking shop. We have Sawstop table saws for your safety. We have bandsaws, a planar, jointers, and a chop saw station. We have lathes and 5 CNC's. Everything you need to complete your project.

Help Makers Make!

see our donations page