Custom Wood Frames

Prerequisites : Students are required to have attended our Wood Shop 101 class.

Overview: In this class, you will learn to make a frame out of wood for photographs or artwork. You can choose to make a picture frame or a float frame for stretched canvases.

You will:

1) learn how to measure your artwork and come up with a cut list for the frame,

2) use the table saw to rip wood to the right dimensions and create rabbet profiles,

3) cut miters (45 degree angles) and glue the frame together,

4) make splines on the band saw and sand them to the correct thickness,

5) cut grooves in the frame corners (after the frame glue has dried),

6) glue contrasting splines into the frames to reinforce the frame joints.

Optionally, you can also add decorative elements to the frame using the router table.

Note: Hard Maple wood for the frame and Walnut for making splines will be provided. Please bring along the artwork or photo you would like to frame along with you.

IMPORTANT: Class is open to ages 16 and up, though minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is also attending the class.

Any jewelry on the hands and wrist must be removed and make sure that no loose clothing is worn. Closed-toed shoes are required. Safety goggles will be provided. If you wear prescription glasses, you may want to bring your own eye protection. Hearing protection is optional, bring your own if desired.

Class may be canceled due to low enrollment in which case a full refund will be issued.

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