Get to know MakerSpace Charlotte

The many spaces of MakerSpace

Click on the headings below to see photos and learn more about each area of our MakerSpace. 

We are constantly growing and acquiring new tools, so don’t be surprised if you discover even more than what we’ve listed below! 

Electronics / Arduino / Raspberry Pi / PCB Design
From teaching Soldering to Arduino, to Machine Learning to developing Accessible technology for disabled individuals, electronics is at the core of who we are. No project is too ambitious as we are always working on a custom PCB or two. We have a calendar of scheduled events and classes on topics covering electronics from simple kits all the way to full Robotics programs.

3D Printing & Laser Lab

Having multiple 3D Printers and Laser Cutter-Engravers affords us the ability to do rapid prototyping. The quality of 3D printed parts has improved dramatically in the past few years such that, with the right settings and materials, production quality parts can be produced. Our laser cutters are suitable for detailed engraving and cutting wood and acrylic in material up to 1/4″ thick.

Prusa i3 Mk2 3D Printer

Creality Ender-3 3D Printer (2 of them)

Full Spectrum Laser 45W 12″ x 20″ Laser Cutter/Engraver

Full Spectrum Laser 90W 24″ x 36″ Laser Cutter/Engraver


Paints, Clay, Craft sticks, Hot Glue Guns, and Colored Pencils are just a few of the items to be found in our Crafts area. We are also expanding into Ceramics as we have acquired two kilns and over 250 slip casting molds some dating back to the 1920’s.

Large variety of craft tools and materials including Cricut, laminator, label maker, etc.

Comprehensive selection of hand tools and battery powered tools

Paragon A-88B Kiln

Paragon Kiln

250+ Molds


We are always looking to expand our Sewing and Cosplay programs to meet local demand. We have several sewing machines including a serger and heavy-duty machine to handle a variety of materials.

Juki Sewing Machine #1

Juki Sewing Machine #2 (industrial)

Singer Serger

Singer Futura Embroidery

Fabrication and Metal Shop

A Bridgeport mill, metal lathe, electromagnetic brake, stomp shear, compact bender, planishing hammer, tube bender, tube roller, bead roller, shrinker, stretcher, 3 in 1 brake shear roll, cutoff wheels, and various grinders form the core of our metal shop.

Bridgeport Mill

Jet Hoist & Gantry

30 gallon Compressor

Stomp shear

Baileigh Electromagnetic Brake

Compact Bender


A pair of MIG welders (one 220V), TIG Welder, plasma cutter, acetylene torch, and grinding wheel provide us the necessary components for small and large welding projects.

110/220 MIG Welder capable of welding mild steel and aluminum

Welding/Cutting Helmets

Plasma Cutter

Acetylene Torch

TIG Welder

Wood Shop

Our comprehensive wood shop includes everything you might need to do fine woodworking from decorative items to cabinets and everything in between. With Drum and Oscillating Sanders, Planer & Joiner, Scroll Saw, and Router table, Pocket Hole jig, numerous clamps and jigs and countless other tools, projects can be taken to a fine degree of finish within the shop. Our SawStop Table Saw is the safest table saw on the market as it immediately stops at the slightest detection of skin contact.

SawStop Safety Table Saw

SawStop Expended Blade & Cartridge

Sanding Station and Safety Saw

Chop Saw

Compound Miter Saw

Scroll Saw

Router Table

14-inch Band Saw

Pocket Hole Jig

Particulate Removal System

Central Vacuum System

Variety of Clamps

Drum Sander, Planer, and Wood Lathe

Variety of Jigs

X-Carve CNC / ShopBot CNC Mill

The addition of wood and metal CNC machines to the MakerSpace opens the door to highly detailed creations. Use of these machines requires taking a certification class.

X-Carve 1000mm CNC Router (39″ x 39″)

ShopBot Desktop CNC Mill (18″ x 24″)

Access to the Wood Shop requires individuals to be 18 years of age or older or under one-to-one adult supervision at all times.

Certain tools within the Wood Shop, such as the X-Carve CNC router and SawStop Table Saw require a certification class or approval before they may be used.