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Power Racing Series


Ant Robot Competition


Voice-activated Blanket

We have adapted a thermally controlled blanket to be controlled via voice commands through Amazon Alexa. This blanket empowers quadriplegic individuals with the agency to control their own comfort rather than contacting an assistant. The blanket has a range of 55-110°F. We are seeking partners to expand the availability of this product.

Assistive Toys for Quadriplegic Kids


Girls Entrepreneur Program


2 Year Community Service Programs for High School Students


Speed Demons Trainer

This physics installation provides a visual demonstration of speed to demonstrate the speed of different objects, sound, etc. 8 foot poles with Strobe lights placed about 20 feet apart.

Etched and Illuminated Acrylic

Josh’s CNC-etched Charlotte Cityscape. Bob’s laser-etched images.

Geometric Lamps

Dodecahedron Lamps done by Sebastian in laser-cut wood and acrylic.