Here are some upcoming classes we have planned in the next few weeks!

Metal Sculpture Art w/Welding

On Saturday February 16th @ 1:00pm, Lorrie will teach a Metal Sculpture Art class. For those who have taken a previous welding class at MakerSpace Charlotte, attendees will learn how to weld metal sculptures of their own using parts provided.

Soldering Basics: Line Following Car

On Thursday February 7th @ 7:00pm and continuing on Saturday February 9th, we will be repeating our Soldering class. This class provides each attendee with a complete robot kit and full instruction on how to solder and assemble it. This is not only a great way to learn soldering, but you have a fun project to take home. Everything you need to know is taught in the first class and a detailed handout is provided with everything you need. Soldering kits are available for sale or we can recommend one.

Upcoming Classes: Metal Sculpture Art w/ Welding, and Soldering