On December 20th and 27th, MakerSpace Charlotte held a two-part soldering class to build a Line-Following Robot. After a primer on the most common types of components found on a printed circuit board, principles of effective soldering were taught with the majority of the class time spent on practicing soldering with gentle critiques. Students learned how to create clean, solid solder joints and to troubleshoot problem areas on circuit boards and their solutions.


Eight students of a variety of ages attended the first class, with parents learning and then guiding their kids. The following week, we were revisited by a few students who needed a little more time to finish up their projects. We were proud to host two teachers who drove nearly 4 hours to attend our Soldering program so they may setup a similar program for their school. We have happily provided them with the class materials to facilitate this.


Report: Line Following Robot Soldering Class