The Charlotte MakerSpace brought in teams from all over the Carolinas and beyond to compete in Wreck the Halls 2018. These 3D printed antbots  crashed and smashed their way to victory. Chuck and his wife Michelle led the teams through a well organized inaugural  competition. There was a screen for viewing and a camera in the arena!

Bots employed spinners, wedges and other traditional weapons and designs to compete. All parts had to be 3D printed including the wheels and weapons. Screws and other hardware were allowed if they were part of a bots structural system and were not used as part of the bots attacking apparatus. Ten bots on nine teams braved the rain, weighing in at by 9:30 when Chuck finished check ins and began to announce the rules and agenda for the day. When it was all said and done…. three teams took the nuts (AKA Battle Bot Trophies)!

1st place Corruption but Less Aluminum.

2nd place Oh The Humanities

3rd place Plas Knuckles

More pictures of the crews and fun!

Wreck the Halls 2018!!! The bots took over the space!