Slotto fun

On December 7th we held another successful First Friday! We had a packed house all night long. We were making ornaments on the small 45 Watt laser cutter with Morgan. We raster engraved portraits on the new 90 Watt Full Spectrum Laser cutter with Chuck Butler. Ben played the guitar and Adam played his violin creating a festive atmosphere. Many people tinkered with the pre-cut DIY slotto pieces.  Troy was teaching participants to design snowflakes on Thingiverse. There were many options for customization to make an original snowflake design which was brought into Cura where we printed them on the 3D printers.  The classic ol’ hot knife was in action again with plenty of Styrofoam to finesse.

There was a preview of the Line Following Robots. There will be a class on December 20th to build one of these beauties. Please see the Makerspace Meetup site for the details and to sign up.

Painted Lasercut Holiday Ornament
Line Following Robot Preview
Troy teaching a young designer to program her snowflake for printing.
Raster Engraving on the new laser cutter


First Friday December 2018 Fun